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Understanding Our Process

Candidate Process

  • 1. Submit your resume or application confidentially at no cost. Click Here.
  • 2. A representative from Alvin Kahn and Associates will contact you to discuss the position in detail and to find out if it is right for you.
  • 3. If there is an interest from both you and our client, we will provide you with all relevant information and schedule an interview.
  • 4. We follow your interview, provide feedback, advise next steps, partake in hiring negotiations and set up a second interview if necessary.
  • 5. With both sides in agreement, you are ready to accept the position. Congratulations on landing an excellent job!

Client Process

  • 1. Contact us by phone or via our online form regarding your open position.¬†Click Here.
  • 2. We will contact you for further information and send a fee schedule for your approval.
  • 3. We will send you top quality candidates for your review only after we have qualified them.
  • 4. You will meet our candidates. If there is mutual interest between you and our candidate we will facilitate the hire.
  • 5. Congratulations on hiring the ideal¬†employee for your position!

*Listings above are meant to illustrate typical candidate and client processes.

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